Asif Tariq Bhat

Writer & Poet


Bhat Asif is a major Kashmiri poet and fiction writer hailing from Duderhuma Ganderbal. His writing journey began at a very young age. His work is frequently published by Sangarmaal, the sole Kashmiri journal of the valley. Kashmir and social issues are a motif of his works.


December 20, 2020, 10:12 am

غزل۔وونی Poem

وونی کأتیاہ غم ژٕہ پالکھ یِتہِ ونکھ نا تہٕ کأتیاہ صدمہٕ ژالکھ یِتہِ ونکھ نا   پھُلے باغچٕ سو واون نِیہِ تہٕ.....