Zuhayb Hussayn



Zuhayb Hussayn is a Srinagar based poet who draws inspiration from Nohas*. He calls Mr Qateel Mehdi (a legendary Urdu poet from Kashmir) his mentor who has taught him the technicalities and craft of poetry.

Noha is a genre in Eastern poetry dedicated to the event of Karbala. 'Noha' literally means mourning. Every year in the month of Muharram, Shia Muslims write thousands of Nohas and recite them across the world. A vast portion of literature and particularly Eastern literature is in form of such Nohas.


December 1, 2020, 6:24 am

غزل۔پیمانہ Poem

پیمانے میں اب میرے وفا کون بھرے گا اے جانِ وفا تو ہی بتا کون بھرے گا   یہ بات عجب ہے کہ تجھے بھول سکوں گا دم ت.....

February 2, 2021, 8:31 am

غزل۔دل کی دنیا Poem

دل کی دنیا کو بسانے چل پڑا دل مدّتوں کے بعد پھر ضد پہ اڑا دل   حسن ، آنکھیں ، زلف اور لب کے مخالف عشق کے میداں.....