A night in graveyard

A night in graveyard Cover Image

After him,

She's been sleeping

Beside his grave-

Singing the songs of eternity.

I remember

Those witty eyes tombed inside

The dark eyelashes,

Tearing in the harsh grief

Of separation,

Innocence in them

Pulls out his shrouded-body to rise


Her eyes giving off

Serene tears, drench the hyacinth

The grave-digger has planted

In the lap of her beloved,

Wails seeking him-


Bludgeoning her to death,

Like that fire

Sauntering through the garden


Whilst the silence follows,

I see

The woman lying on the grave,

And her eyes wide open — now looking up

at the moon

Like that a corpse

Gazing the crescent,

Let the nightingales sing

   'The sleep-inducing songs...'

Let the grave-diggers dig

   'The painful grave in his lap...'