At War

At War Cover Image

Fire, dust, ash and soot
have settled, at last,
over the petals of red,
I had planted for You,
to adorn your coming
But, Love - war brews my land,
Melting skins and identities 
to unknowns and graves,
Walk with me then,
In these alleys of despair,
Can you see spring lying barren?


Blood, flesh, and corpses,
now run down these lanes,
I had adorned for your coming;
But, Love - step here to see
How I live in occupation,
Amid cemeteries of hearts
And eyes bleeding an undying pain;
Can you hear the sighs of darkness,
And the mournings of days?


We are at a war, beloved, 
Yet to reconcile,
Wait for me at the gates 
Belonging to freedom,
We shall walk hand in hand
Stitching every wound,
We shall meet when the war is done