Beautiful Prison

Beautiful Prison Cover Image

Once upon a time, son,  

They used to call it Paradise, Some even shouted "Heaven!”,  

Was it the valley of honey,  

turned into a valley of blood?


There was a  time, indeed,  

Dal, Jhelum, Wular charmed the eye,  

In all their glory and beauty,  

Now they are filled with blood:

The blood of innocents,  

Who were wet behind the ears.  


Yes, indeed were they wont to sleep,  

In the laps of mothers  

A moment happiest for them  

Now, are they lying in obscure graves,  

Doomed, their mothers ailing and wailing,  


Throwing snowballs at each other,  

Was it common everywhere? 

The game of love and peace, I called

Alas! Dramatic and drastic replacement came, Razor_sharp bullets replaced snowballs,  So was love and peace by hatred and war. 


But trust me, son, 

Wish I to see it,  

As used to be in the old days,  

Mouji patting her son,  

So, he lied in her lap,  Between them no gap.  


It is my wonderland,  

Call I it my homeland,  

Occupied by men of evil,  

Yes, my dear son,  

It is a beautiful Prison.  


Now, Night  falls, So do people,  

In the lap of sleep,  

Obliviating the day's,  

Oppression and depression.  


Full-fledged Moon, In the sea of sky,  

Casting pale light on he beleaguered homes,  Of  depressive and, Suppressive men.  

Streets deserted, None walks on them except

barking dogs and armoured men,  Silence of night, So breaks by,  Their fierce noise.  


The  barking of dogs,  

The bizarre painting of armoured cars,  

And fear of thugs,  

May break into their beautiful homes makes this peaceful night,  

‘A  Night of Horror ‘.  


Few burning their midnight oil,  

Some are disclosing their fantasy world,  So are you and me, friend in the lap of sleep,  As the night has fallen.