Brides of my land

Brides of my land Cover Image

If your bleeding wounds are left to me,

I should kiss them every time

Until they heal all of you

And bruise all of me,

I would put them close to my heart forever,

The blood should be the henna of my hands.


If fragments of your memories remain,

I should pick them one by one

And let them pierce and bleed my fingers,

I should ornament them as treasures,

I should be a bride to the remnants of us.


If your shadows are left behind,

I should dewel in this safe haven forever 

Those blacks you would leave behind

are colours of my love,

I shall be a bride in this bridal hue.


I should be a bride,

Carrying these relics of wishes

To the grave of mine,

With whatever remains of you,

In this empty bosom of mine.