My Wailing Valley

My Wailing Valley Cover Image

Wailing again in the lap of heavens

My abode is now turned into debris

I had just turned into a traitor

When I found my widowed land


My youth turned into feral wrinkles

What do you find in my sighs, O Tyrant? 

My mother's nourishes blood 

Unwed sister is with her barren hands 


My skies are raining bullets

Spring blooms your new sword

The land turned into a boneyard

Where I buried my beloved


We have days of celebration to commemorate

We uphold the name of Kashmir as our sovereign 

We don't behold shindig in our destiny

Tyranny is engraved on our brow


Every year the youths bleed 

Whose demise we have to mourn

Mothers lament with gaping tears

Fathers lead the funeral of sons


Who will untangle the shriek of Kashmir

Unifying with the sounds of streams

Who will unravel the distress of Kashmir?

Consolidating with the burden of mountains


The water mingles to form the mud 

Thus you make your nations

We have tears and our blood

To moisten the sod of home