Onset of the Nefarious

Onset of the Nefarious Cover Image

The bulb is trembling,

soon it will fall and shatter into fragments.

The clock has refused to work,

fearing the evil.

The legs of our couch are making noise,

since the cracks are widening.

The hinges of the door are deforming,

due to the onset of the nefarious.

The insects are digging holes

to escape eradication.

The birds are flying high in the sky,

trying to minimize the chances of dere.

The trees are collapsing in terror,

since they have no methods to overlive.

The humans are praying unceasingly,

due to the onset of the nefarious.

Soon wind starts to blow furiously,

soon rain starts to fall in an unending manner,

soon thuderstorms approach vigorously

soon avalanches germinate and petrify us,

due to the onset of the nefarious.