Praise Cover Image

O writer of destinies,

let a life of peace be my fate,

for my pages of existence lay disarrayed.

Allah,let your wonders manifest,

surcharge my heart with ardent zest.


O sanctifier of the spirit,

infuse my frail heart with sanctity,

for filth increases its frailty.

Fill with knowledge,my heart is hollow,

might turn for better, the days of woe.

O patron of the poor,

rescue indwelling imperiled flame,

or I will die at your threshold crying your name.

My wounded heart seeks your love to heal,

my bruises await your cloak to conceal.


O lover of the spirit,

I am a sinner,feeble and friendless,

dreading afflictions render me helpless.

No longer can be the twilight borne,

bedazzle my life, come be my dawn.