Red Moon

Red Moon Cover Image

Just when the world stopped to feel right
a moment in time when nothing thrived 
but pain and horror held tight their grip
and crushed dreams slashed bodies like knives.

No hope came by, nothing left a soul,
a fragment of faith no one could own
to caress the graves of forgotten goals,
everyone tended to their broken bones.

But a time came when a light sparked:
calming storms and clouds cleared the way,
from behind the horizons was heard a sway
a blaze of bright red to which the wolves howled.

The red moon rose with it's face of scars,
beheld the peopled earth and their ache.
It's time had come, it did not wane
and the beaming rays undid every chain. 

It was then i looked up in tears, towards
the moon, so far yet within the reach
and i talked to it of the suffering it breached
upon my life. my love and my silent cries.

It was that autumn moon I beheld
when it rose in it's reddened visage and I
gave away the secrets of my friends and foes
and my heart was rid of the doleful gnaw.

The moon told me something so I could assure all
that the pain and horrors of unjust might
are about to end: to your delight
and peace will triumph upon the final call.