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غزل۔وونی Image

وونی کأتیاہ غم ژٕہ پالکھ یِتہِ ونکھ نا تہٕ کأتیاہ صدمہٕ ژالکھ یِتہِ ونکھ نا   پھُلے باغچٕ سو واو.....Read More

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At Night

At Night Image

Ghazal What is this darkness? What laws do govern at night? Your silently slipping memories, into miseries turn, at night   Lovers, whose land lost its moon in the clouds .....Read More

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غزل۔فضائے Image

فضائے ہر دوعالم ہنس پڑے جب یار ہنستا ہے وگرنہ خشک ہونٹوں میں چبھا ہر خار ہنستا ہے   مری سرگوشیوں .....Read More

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Grenade Image

There's no tick-tick  Didn't you see the analog holding fast the wrist as if an explosion or what They say many explosive heads bash each other every night But cries are .....Read More

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Homecoming Image

If I do not return, tell your heart not to lament, come and find me instead for I will be lying dead in the street (where I had given you a rose-perfumed envelope one brumal ev.....Read More

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غزل۔پیمانہ Image

پیمانے میں اب میرے وفا کون بھرے گا اے جانِ وفا تو ہی بتا کون بھرے گا   یہ بات عجب ہے کہ تجھے بھول س.....Read More

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Burials Image

How should I tell you everything That is sealed in the glued pages, The truth is-  Oh! I cannot say, The fallen leaves of my heart have died in melancholy and the fading.....Read More