Ghazal -To mend a broken heart

Ghazal -To mend a broken heart Cover Image

To mend a broken heart, we all try in the end 

Glues in the yard of hope, we all buy in the end


To the pleas of a heart, does God reply in the end?

Does the wanderer scale Mount Sinai in the end? 


Heart stabs are the key to know what is heartache 

We all learn our lessons, but why in the end? 


A smile is a cloak we wear to cover who we are

Bare we came into this world, thus we cry in the end 


Burdens of a heart are what keep mortals on earth 

Things that are light as a feather fly in the end 


In the labyrinth of fate, trust not your comrades

Even your shadow turns out to be a spy in the end 


Travel not the world; rather dive into yourself 

Even a lump of clay becomes a sky in the end


Mortals are known to remind you of their vows

Making a single promise, they deny in the end 


Truth at times turns into a caravan of exile 

The truest of lovers too therefore lie in the end 


Blindness is a blessing for the fallen in the world

If they can see Truth from the mind's eye in the end 


Why should I not adorn myself in a shroud, Jaleesa? 

In the battlefield of life, don't we die in the end?