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Who are we?

The Kashmir Tales is an independent Online Story-portal which publishes stories related to the culture and history of Kashmir.

Our Aim

The life lived by each man on this earth is a tiny brick in a colossal castle. This castle has been fancily named “history” by the people. In this castle are numerous chambers, which exhibit the pristine glory of man throughout various ages and epochs. The Chamber of Art is on the right as one enters the magnificent hallway. To the left of it prevails in splendor The Chamber of Politics. Down the hallway is the Chamber of Literature which displays pictures of illustrious litterateurs from around the world. There’s a picture of solemn Sophocles one end of its great wall and a forlorn Ferdowsi on the other. Their expressions are varied like the magic of theirs blessed pens and the charisma each one of them held. There are many small cabinets attached to the Chamber, each leading to a glorious era of literature of every inhabited place on earth. There is a tiny chamber on the door of which is engraved in gold a Chinar leaf. This small chamber is home to the true sages of literature in this era we live in. They are the blessed sons and daughters, like their motherland, Kashmir. We, the gatekeepers of this small yet vast cabinet embrace and let in every honorable soul of literature, no matter from which broken fragment of Kashmir they come from. We have no borders in this Cabinet. And like the Chamber of Literature, this Cabinet which shelters true literatures, shall be remembered for generations to come.

Our Team

Syed Zeeshan Jaipuri
Co-Founder & Content Overseer

Syed Zeeshan Jaipuri is a visionary poet of his time, just like his late grandfather, Syed Akbar Jaipuri. He dreams of a society where true literature will flourish and hence act as a guiding light for truth. Zeeshan is a household name of revolutionary poetry in Kashmir.

Bhat Asif
Editor Kashmiri & Content Overseer

Bhat Asif is a poet, short-story writer and critic hailing from Duderhama Ganderbal. He found solace in writing as a child and gets frequently published in Sangarmall, the sole Kashmiri newspaper of the valley. His main themes revolve around Socio-political and social issues.

Burhan Hyder
Co-Founder & Website Curator

Burhan Hyder is a software engineer and a history enthusiast. In his childhood, elderly used to narrate thought-provoking folk tales of Kashmir to him, which never failed to fascinate him. As he grew up, he realized that there was absolute dearth of such literature in Kashmir as it is mostly passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth rather than being inscribed. The convergence of his occupation as a software engineer and enthusiasm towards preserving historical literature of Kashmir led into the idea of developing a website, and that’s how The Kashmir Tales came into being.