Burials Cover Image

How should I tell you everything

That is sealed in the glued pages,

The truth is- 

Oh! I cannot say,

The fallen leaves of my heart

have died in melancholy

and the fading petals

are slowly falling out of hopes,

Hope, they say, lies in hopelessness

But what if it dies too? 




How should I tell you everything

That my lips mumble in pain,

The fear in me-

Oh! I cannot explain,

I see the waning in your face,

Whenever I look into your eyes,

Have you been reading my tears? 



How should I tell you everything

That I hide in these nights

How can I endure--

Oh! how should I say,

The disturbed quilts and pillows

are facades of peaceful sleep,

Moon being witness to my awakenings,

Does she tell you

the secret of my peaceful day

is the swallowing despair in dark? 



How should I tell you everything,

These are the secrets of my heart

These torments- 

Oh! Let us bury it here,

Perhaps I should smile at you 

And seal it all again.