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Mother Image

"She was a maker of bounty biggest" Is what mom showed me Of women... From smile her chisel of self Carved love From a word of love Showed she me the making Of families and .....Read More

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غزل - ونیومے

غزل - ونیومے Image

غزل     بہٕ چھُسنا کوٛنڑ مۓ نِش روز دوٗر ونیومے۔ مہٕ چھُس ناراہ ژے سپدی سوٗر ونیومے۔   یِم.....Read More

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A night in graveyard

A night in graveyard Image

After him, She's been sleeping Beside his grave- Singing the songs of eternity. I remember Those witty eyes tombed inside The dark eyelashes, Tearing in the harsh grief Of .....Read More

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Praise Image

O writer of destinies, let a life of peace be my fate, for my pages of existence lay disarrayed. Allah,let your wonders manifest, surcharge my heart with ardent zest.   .....Read More

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Onset of the Nefarious

Onset of the Nefarious Image

The bulb is trembling, soon it will fall and shatter into fragments. The clock has refused to work, fearing the evil. The legs of our couch are making noise, since the cracks .....Read More

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History Image

At what point exactly does History grayscale? As it undoes itself ( not the way my grandpa rolls out a yarn, thread by thread ) on reflective glass: leaf by leaf, drained of&.....Read More

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Beautiful Prison

Beautiful Prison Image

Once upon a time, son,   They used to call it Paradise, Some even shouted "Heaven!”,   Was it the valley of honey,   turned into a valley of .....Read More

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Untitled Image

After this maddening ‘social distancing’  (that's already  earth-shattering enough) is over, we shall  clandestinely trade:  polka dots for sca.....Read More

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My Wailing Valley

My Wailing Valley Image

Wailing again in the lap of heavens My abode is now turned into debris I had just turned into a traitor When I found my widowed land   My youth turned into feral wrinkles.....Read More

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Brides of my land

Brides of my land Image

If your bleeding wounds are left to me, I should kiss them every time Until they heal all of you And bruise all of me, I would put them close to my heart forever, The blood sh.....Read More

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You said your goodbyes, Old friend, And I went on my way, in a quest to discover the place where love flowed. I sought to find the rivers of anticipation that hushed down th.....Read More

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Red Moon

Red Moon Image

Just when the world stopped to feel right a moment in time when nothing thrived but pain and horror held tight their grip and crushed dreams slashed bodies like knives. No ho.....Read More

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At War

At War Image

Fire, dust, ash and soothave settled, at last,over the petals of red,I had planted for You,to adorn your comingBut, Love - war brews my land,Melting skins and identities to un.....Read More

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To The Fall

To The Fall Image

Welcome to the fall The season of poets where every leaf turns to its final call to make blessings in disguise The Chinar loses its modesty The poets their hearts I won't be .....Read More

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غزل-لٹے-چمن Image

لٹے چمن میں خزاں کا موسم کوئی تمنا جگا رہا ہے  بحر وفا کی مچل رہی ہے فلک جو نغمے سنا رہا ہے   شج.....Read More

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Burials Image

How should I tell you everything That is sealed in the glued pages, The truth is-  Oh! I cannot say, The fallen leaves of my heart have died in melancholy and the fading.....Read More

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غزل۔پیمانہ Image

پیمانے میں اب میرے وفا کون بھرے گا اے جانِ وفا تو ہی بتا کون بھرے گا   یہ بات عجب ہے کہ تجھے بھول س.....Read More

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Homecoming Image

If I do not return, tell your heart not to lament, come and find me instead for I will be lying dead in the street (where I had given you a rose-perfumed envelope one brumal ev.....Read More

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Grenade Image

There's no tick-tick  Didn't you see the analog holding fast the wrist as if an explosion or what They say many explosive heads bash each other every night But cries are .....Read More

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غزل۔فضائے Image

فضائے ہر دوعالم ہنس پڑے جب یار ہنستا ہے وگرنہ خشک ہونٹوں میں چبھا ہر خار ہنستا ہے   مری سرگوشیوں .....Read More

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At Night

At Night Image

Ghazal What is this darkness? What laws do govern at night? Your silently slipping memories, into miseries turn, at night   Lovers, whose land lost its moon in the clouds .....Read More

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غزل۔وونی Image

وونی کأتیاہ غم ژٕہ پالکھ یِتہِ ونکھ نا تہٕ کأتیاہ صدمہٕ ژالکھ یِتہِ ونکھ نا   پھُلے باغچٕ سو واو.....Read More

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غزل- سر کٹواکر

غزل- سر کٹواکر Image

سر کٹواکر خوں میں لت پت سر لایا ہوں سونے دو  مقتل سے میں چلتے چلتے گھر آیا ہوں سونے دو   طوفاں د.....Read More

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غزل۔دل کی دنیا

غزل۔دل کی دنیا Image

دل کی دنیا کو بسانے چل پڑا دل مدّتوں کے بعد پھر ضد پہ اڑا دل   حسن ، آنکھیں ، زلف اور لب کے مخالف ع.....Read More

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افسوس Image

ودان بٔہ وندٔ رأژن منز تپان شیٖن سرد رأژن منز بٔہ کُنی ووپرَن تٔہ بأژن منز بٔہ انِہ گٹہٕ سیاہ ر.....Read More

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گومگو Image

ارے فرشتو! رسولِ اعظم (ﷺ) سے پوچھ آؤ اور آکے واپس ہمیں بتاؤ  کہ حکم کیا ہے ہمارے لائق؟ ہم اہلِ کش.....Read More

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ڈوبتی آنکھیں

ڈوبتی آنکھیں Image

اس دھوپ کی گرمی میں جھلسی ہوئی آنکھوں کو اک سایۂ راحت کی پر زور تمنّا تھی جلتی ہوئی آنکھوں میں کتن.....Read More

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میرا وطن

میرا وطن Image

ہے وحشتوں میں مبتلا میرا وطن تاریکیوں میں ہے چھپا میرا وطن   رستے یہاں رنگین ہے سب خون سے  صنع.....Read More

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غزل-دربدر  Image

تیرے در سے اٹھے ہو گۓ در بہ در !اب جو پوچھے پتہ ہم کہے در بہ در    ۔   میں اکیلا نہ تھا اس زمان.....Read More